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Welcome to

EOA Commerce Network

Where Hundreds of Alaskan Business Owners Effortlessly Grow Their Businesses by Trading!

Does your Alaskan business have excess inventory, or downtime? Since 1994 we’ve been in the B2B industry, and during that time we have helped more than 2,000 business owners grow their businesses while improving their lifestyles.

Our extensive network of Alaskan business owners brings more than a million dollars in additional sales, to our clients, every year. And have done this for 26 years, and that number continues to grow.

​EOA helps businesses acquire new loyal customers while conserving their cash flow. Our Anchorage team will work with you to grow your business by turning your company's downtime into products and services. that you are now paying cash for. Increasing businesses sales by just 10 percent often provides owners with the additional funds and freedom of time to travel (on trade) to their bucket list destinations. Here are some ways we will help your business grow, while improving your lifestyle.

This 3 1/2-minute video explains why 80 percent of the world's fortune-500 companies

use one or more of our 700 world-wide affiliate offices every day!

Why You Should Join Our Worldwide Network

EOA Commerce Network connects companies from all over Alaska and from around the world, by tapping them into the vast worldwide barter economy. EOA helps members turn their otherwise empty seats, appointment slots, and excess inventory quickly and easily into their choice of hundreds of thousands of goods and services. EOA brings incremental sales to companies that use their trade dollars to pay for things they were previously paying cash for. 

  • Some business members use their trade sales strictly for business expenses, such as for web development, SEO, advertising, office cleaning, accounting, car service and so much more. Which is fine. 

  • Some business members use their trade sales strictly for their own personal needs, such as for summer camps, tutoring for their kids, event tickets, house painting or vacations, medical, dental, automotive, dining, shopping and more. Which is fine.

  • However, most business members use EOA for both. By growing their businesses, and improving their employee's and family's lifestyles. And, this is also OK.


EOA brings business members a lot of trade sales, and happy trade customers act as member's word-of-mouth referral sources, bringing member businesses trade and cash customers. 

EOA Commerce is a third-party record keeper, making sure that members always earn the exact trade dollar amounts that are due them. Member trade transactions are never one-on-one barter events, so members never have to purchase from those who purchase from them. EOA also facilitates loans, mortgages and lines-of-credit to business members. EOA membership provides it's members many powerful benefits.

We Can Help You!

We have helped hundreds of Alaskan businesses across the state with finance solutions to support company growth, and to improve their lifestyles. We provide business financing to all major industries including retail, wholesale, importers, exporters, manufacturing, professional services, food and beverage, technology, automotive and many more. Your can use our trade dollar loans to:


  • Grow your business

  • Refurbish your business or home

  • Advertising/marketing campaigns

  • Vehicle maintenance

  • Building remodeling/repairs

  • Medical, Entertainment, Travel, Dining, etc.


EOA financing is only available to our clients and is always three percent (3%) simple interest per year, charged in trade dollars. Member credit limits are determined and thereafter adjusted by:


  • how well they treat others

  • length of time in business and as member

  • how punctual they pay regular membership fees

  • belief that they will remain in business long enough to repay credit

  • member has made both an EOA purchase and sale

  • has auto-pay in place

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Fast & Flexible Business Loans


Employee Benefits Program


Employees are normally a business' most valuable asset. And our benefits program makes it easier to:


  • attract

  • reward

  • motivate

  • retain


Today's employee has become even more difficult as more national chains and franchises move into Alaska with their powerful national Employee Benefits programs.


However, our client's who use our private/white labeled Employee Benefits Program have a huge competitive advantage over their competitors.


They are able to provide their staff and their families one of Alaska's finest Employee Benefits Programs without any cost to themselves or to their employees. In fact, not only does this program cost the employer almost nothing, most of them make money while providing these benefits.


A law firm joins EOA and decides to provide their staff an Employee Benefits Program that pays for half of their employee's purchases made at millions of businesses locally and worldwide.


EOA issues their employee's (law firm branded) Employee Benefits cards. Each card holder is assigned an account broker to assist them in making EOA purchases.


An employee uses their benefits card and spends $100 bowling and dining at EOA's clients businesses. The restaurant and bowling alley are paid in trade dollars from the law firms trade account and $50 cash is then withheld from employee's next paycheck.


Employee received $100 in value at a $50 cost. Employee is very happy and plans on dining out more often, as now dining out as expensive as buying the groceries and cooking at home.

Later they call EOA's free travel department to plan their families next vacation. As using their new Employees Benefits card allows them to book twice what they used to be able to afford.


The law firm is equally happy. They transferred $100 trade dollars into employee's account and received $50 cash. The law firms trade dollar sales are incremental to their cash sales, and therefore only the actual time spend is considered in the costs for trade sales. As their rent, utilities and employee costs do not raise from the 10 percent raise in sales that EOA provides them. Service businesses like them average a 10 - 20 percent cost per trade dollar. So, their cost for employee's $100 purchases was only $20. So the law firm made a $30 profit from employee's one night of spending.


  1. costs employees & employer nothing.

  2. best benefits program in Alaska.

  3. you earn income providing the program.

  4. helps motivate employees.

  5. helps acquire & retain good employees!

EOA's Most Used Tax Advantages


Our Donation Method


Let's say say that your company sells hot tubs at a 50% markup. And your CPA tells you that you need $10,000 more in deductions to avoid pay income taxes. You already know that if you donate a $10,000 hot tub to a charity, you can only deduct the costs associated with purchasing and giving the hot tub away, instead of it's market value.


To earn the $10,000 tax deduction you'll need to donate two hot tubs. However your EOA broker has you sell one hot tub for $10,000 trade dollars, which you then donate to the charity.



  • Tax Savings =  $10,000

  • Cash Cost =     $10,000



  • Tax Savings =  $10,000

  • Cash Cost =     $5,000

Our Tax Loss Method


Let's say a business is told that they need $30,000 more in tax deductions to avoid paying income taxes. Let's further assume that this business has an incremental cost of 35 percent, meaning that there's a 35c cost for every $1 sale.


Business tells their EOA broker, who lends the business $100,000 trade dollars and has them purchase a piece of property worth $100 thousand cash, for $100,000 trade dollars. The cash repayment cost will only be 35% or $35,000.


If business immediately sales property for $70,000 cash. They will doubled their cash investment while showing a $30,000 loss on their taxes. IRS doesn't care that property was purchased with trade dollars and sold for cash.


  • Taxable Loss =       $30,000

  • Cash Cost =            $35,000

  • Net Income =          $35,000

Our Prepaid Expenses Method


Let's say that your CPA tells you that you need $10,000 in deductions to avoid paying income taxes. If EOA lends you $10,000 trade dollars (at a cost to you of $5,000) to prepay advertising and other business expenses this year for next years usage.


  • Taxable Deduction =           $7,000

  • Cash Repayment Cost =     $5,000

  • Due Income Taxes =           $0.00



EOA income is taxable the same as cash income and EOA expenses are tax-deductible the same as cash expenses. This is not tax advice. EOA is not qualified to provide tax advise, and encourages the reader to contact a tax expert (their services are available on trade) before considering using these examples.

The Small Business Administration (SBA)

2019 List of the 8 Main Reasons US Businesses Fail:

Call: (907) 345-8000



Organized barter is a powerful tool for strengthening the finances of your company. The wise use of barter will build your profitability, protect your balance sheet, and improve cash flow. We will also show you how to use barter for acquisition financing or expansion capital.


Since organized barter sales generally represent add-on business that you would not of otherwise had, the gross profit from these sales usually goes straight to your bottom line. Moreover, And, using barter to maintain higher levels of production can increase margins on non-barter sales as well.


Organized Barter offers a unique solution to the problem of overstocked or stale inventory, and can protect your balance sheet from costly write downs due to deep discounting or liquidation costs and resulting lower sales prices. Alaskan business owners have been using this powerful tool for more than 24-years.


In addition to increasing profitability and protecting against inventory write downs, organized barter can substantially improve your cash flow. The use of barter allows you to substitute trade for at least a portion of your normal cash outlays when purchasing needed goods and services. As a penny saved IS a penny earned.


Alaskan sales fluctuate, demand rises and falls with our seasons, customers occasionally cancel at the last minute. It may be impossible or impractical to cut back staff and production to match. This is where organized barter comes into play. It allows you to trade your excess inventory and unsold time for goods and services that you use in your business, which you are currently paying cash for.    


Alaskan business owners strive to keep inventories to a minimum to avoid high carrying costs and the risks of obsolescence. Organized barter helps businesses operate at their optimum capacity to maximize profit margins and to minimize their lost sales of “perishable” goods and services.


Less than one thousand. We made the wise decision years ago to be insanely valuable to

a small number of businesses, instead of marginally valuable to thousands.

Membership Benefits

Contact our Anchorage Trade Exchange office for

a complete list of our Alaskan business and consumer benefits.

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The point of EOA's barter organization isn’t to convince businesses to do everything on trade, but for businesses to put their unused capacity TIME or INVENTORY to work for them.


As an EOA client your first goal is easy - allow EOA to increase your sales by just 10 percent. And then to use this increase to grow your business and improve your lifestyle.


Increasing businesses sales by 10 percent often provides owners with the additional funds and freedom of time to travel (on trade) to their bucket list destinations.

Grow your business today!
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Why Join EOA?

Our 27-year old B2B Alaskan Business Association's members use organized barter to convert their excess inventory and unused capacity into additional sales

while reducing their cash expenditures.

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