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EOA Health Cards

Alaska's Private Labeled Affordable Healthcare System

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Medical Providers

Since the EOA Health Card is prepaid, and full payment is collected at the time of service. There is no added paperwork or forms to fill out, and you're always paid full-price and in full at time of service.


The EOA Health Card allows you to:


  • grow your practice

  • introduce your services to new patients

  • help fill empty appointment times.


As a participating provider of EOA Health, you have access to the entire trade network with more than 1 million buying opportunities worldwide, and throughout the state of Alaska.

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Business Owners

Each individual EOA Health Card account can be filled with different trade dollar amounts either on a one-time or on a recurring basis.


As the employer you have no additional EOA fees for card loading and employees and their family members can each have their own private health card as cards are free. Each card holder has their own account for privacy.


EOA's trade coordinators will help you design your cards for your company. And card design, creation and issuance are also free of charge.


Providing this service actually makes you money.

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Your Employees

For employees, the prepaid EOA Health Card is redeemable at select health care providers in the EOA network. Some of the providers are: medical, dental, chiropractors, optometry, massage therapists, hearing, midwifes, naturalistic doctors, pediatricians, acupuncture, veterinarians, and many more.


When using the card, employees contact the provider, make an appointment and mention that they are using the EOA Health Card. Some providers may have minimal restrictions on available services. Employees should login ahead of their appointment to see the card's balance. If the service provided costs more than the card balance, the employee will be responsible for the remaining balance at the time of service.

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Bartering benefits businesses, healthcare providers and patients!

Bartering for healthcare benefits businesses, healthcare providers and patients. Alaskan business owners are bartering to get healthcare services they otherwise couldn’t afford. It’s a strategy that also offers benefits for the healthcare businesses providing the services. Bartering is being used to fill otherwise empty bookings.


The barter industry has seen growing demand over the past 8 years for healthcare services. For some small businesses, the motivation to barter for healthcare services is the bad economy. For others, it is new regulations requiring comprehensive healthcare coverage for employees.


Individual employees receive their own EOA Health Card from their employer. When the employee needs a visit to the dentist, for example, they use their prepaid card to pay for the participating dentist fees.


Credits received by the healthcare provider can then be exchanged for whatever other type of goods or service the provider may need.

- Q & A -

What is the EOA Health Card?

The EOA Health Card is a new product for business owners which provides access to health care providers through an independent employee account. The healthcare companies available through EOA Commerce Network accept the EOA Health Card.


Is the EOA Health Card a type of health insurance?

No. The EOA Health Card is not an insurance product or policy. It does not offer nor does it guarantee any type of healthcare coverage.


What costs are associated with the EOA Health Card?

For current EOA clients, there are no additional fees.


Who accepts the EOA Health Card as payment?

Log into your EOA member account at to see a complete listing.


What if the medical service I want, isn't on the list?

If you are in need of a service not currently accepting the EOA Health Card, we have a team of highly trained professionals who will seek out what you need. Call our office at (907) 345-8000 to speak to your Account Broker, today.


What if what I want costs more than I have on the card?

You may check your card balance at any time, by simply logging  into your EOA account. Your employer may add additional funds to your account at their discretion. In the event that you don’t have enough to cover a purchase, you will be responsible for paying the remaining balances due, in cash.


How can my medical practice start accepting the card?

If you are currently a client of EOA, you can begin accepting EOA Health Cards as payment immediately. If you are not currently a client of EOA, call (907) 345-8000 and an Account Executive will assist you in getting started!


What can my medical practice purchase with trade dollars?

For a complete listing visit your member site, or call your Account Broker.


How can I get my own EOA Health Card?

Contact your Account Broker at (907) 345-8000 and they will assist you in the quick enrollment process. We’ll have you saving money on healthcare in no time!

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