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Android & iPhone Barter Apps

Our free password protected smart phone app's are compatible with and supported by all Android and iPhone devices.

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Organized Barter On The Go!

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We offer a complete concierge service for Alaskan business owners, their families and employees. Our service allows businesses the ability to trade for most of what they want within our low competition, quality controlled community. To accomplish this we use skilled brokers and a private currency, called trade dollars.

Want access to Alaska on your phone?
Click one of the buttons below:

The statewide data-base of 650 Alaskan business owners who'll trade with you. Is now conveniently available 24/7.

Thousands of Alaskan products & services are in easy to find categories along with powerful search features.

Businesses, professionals and their listings give the necessary information to make informed decisions.

Sellers can use their phones to approve sales and buyers phones instantly receive documentation of their purchases.

Providing Alaskan businesses the tools for instant sustainable growth for more than 24 years!

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