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Organized Barters Secret Reviled!


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Companies Should Always


It is almost always wiser to spend trade dollars than cash. And since EOA only represents 10 – 20 percent of a business’ sales volume. And because almost any business is able to raise their sales by 20 percent without increasing overhead costs such as rent, utilities, and employee payroll. It makes good-sense to accept EOA sales which only increase your costs by the sales specific incremental costs, such as food costs, maid service, paint, etc. So that you can buy wholesale – loyal customers.


Say an advertising campaign your restaurant wants costs $5,000. If you earn the trade dollars at your cost of earning a trade dollar of $.35 (because barter is incremental sales), you’ll be purchasing the ad campaign at a 65 percent discount, or at a cost of only $1,750.

When making a large purchase barter allows you to make an additional sale by paying with your own products and services plus organized barter allows your company to receive its own wholesale markup discount on every purchase!


Instead of paying retail and using your existing cash flow for expenses and purchases, EOA allows you to purchase personal and business products and services at your own incremental cost of goods. So that you can buy wholesale. And, just like Ben Franklin’s famous saying “A penny saved is a penny earned” a thousand trade dollars spent instead of cash on business expenses will naturally retain one thousand dollars in your bank account, which increases your company’s cash-flow/bank account by a thousand dollars.


Think of all the ongoing business expenses you currently pay cash for. Now imagine the power of paying cents on the dollar for these purchases—and doing it with trade dollars generated by 100% new incremental business; buy wholesale. In essence, you can purchase what you need at your wholesale markup discount – the cost it takes to make that specific sale:


• food costs of a restaurant

• ink and paper of a printer


So that you can buy wholesale. These costs for incremental sales (organized barter) are a fraction of your selling prices.


EOA Offers An Effective 50% – 90% Off!

The power of markup discounts (trade dollar costs) among our members varies, but consider how the power of “the cost of a trade dollar” translates with these unique businesses.


• Anyone who bills by the hour – such as attorneys, accountants, consultants, creative designers or graphic designers take their available downtime or free time and turn them into buying power. What is their actual cost for a few hours of time that would have gone “unsold” or wasted otherwise? Answer: Almost zero!


Organized barter allows you to buy wholesale – sell retail – Always!

• A restaurant who barters restaurant meals is essentially filling a table that would have remained empty. Their variable cost is what they pay for the food—typically 35%…. yet they trade their meals for 100% of the menu price. EOA allows your company to buy wholesale – sell retail!


• Trade professionals, like electricians, auto and home repair professionals and carpet cleaners also have very low or no incremental costs for otherwise unsold time – as they receive cash for all required materials and parts. They only trade their labor, and at retail, while buying wholesale!


The same goes for the manufacture and retail industry. The cost of goods is typically far below what they sell for, yet that’s what they are able to barter for through EOA. Which allows them to acquire the goods and services they need by trading their otherwise down time. So that you can buy wholesale – sell retail!


You simply can’t match the power of EOA (organized barter) to expand your presence and help you increase your market share. Our experienced account brokers work as your extended sales force to bring you new customers. So that you can buy wholesale – sell retail. EOA’s worldwide network has hundreds of thousands of members today, and even more tomorrow.


Loyal Customers!

Organized Barter Generates New Customers, allowing you to expand your market-share and maintain your cash paying customers. This extra incremental business – has your customers bypassing your competing businesses to do business with you. Buy Wholesale – Sell Retail!


We market your company locally and to hundreds of thousands of potential customers nationwide. Savvy members continually reward those who are loyal to their company by using their EOA card to pay for contest prizes, bonuses, dinners and gifts – all of which are accessible without them using cash – is tax deductible and they are all available at member’s own wholesale markup discount. Buy Wholesale – Sell Retail!

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