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Average 20-year returns in commercial real estate

outperformed the S&P 500 Index, running at around 9.5%  <  CLICK LINK


Over many years EOA has developed relationships with developers and investors who offer properties to our network of Alaskan business owners, with a portion of the purchase price being accepted in Trade Dollars.  It's a win-win relationship, saving the buyer cash and making it easy for them to grow their investment portfolio, while reducing the developers or investors holding costs by selling their properties fast.

When a buyer uses Trade Dollars (which are earned at their company's wholesale markup discount) for part of the purchase price they reduce their cash borrowings, which reduces their interest costs and increasing their ROI.




TYPICAL EXAMPLE: using Trade Dollars to purchase real estate:

Purchase price:


Cash component (75% of purchase price)


Trade Component (25% of purchase price)


Cash cost to generate average Trade Dollar (T1.00)

 -  for Retail it's 60c to earn T1.00

-  for Restaurants it's 40c to earn T1.00

-  for Services (75% of US businesses) it's 20c to earn T1.00


Purchase discount (immediate equity)












True cash cost for a $400K property is only


In addition to real estate commissions paid in trade, EOA may also be able to offer you a 3% interest line of credit, giving you a fantastic opportunity to purchase a property immediately with minimal cash outlay and immediately add an additional $80,000 to your wealth through the equity earned through your cash savings. To discover more about the property and wealth creation strategies offered to EOA Members, call us now at (907) 345-8000.


Developers and investors are using EOA strategically to access a network of Alaskan Businesses owners, who are actively using EOA to grow their business and investment portfolios. Creating opportunities unparalleled in the cash-only economy, EOA gives you the competitive edge to sell your properties quickly, without having to reduce your sales price and without huge marketing expenses.


"A Developer was marketing a townhouse subdivision in Anchorage.  To expedite the sale of all units in the development, the developer listed the remaining units with a Trade Dollar deposit of 25% of the selling price. In only a few months the entire development was sold with EOA members purchasing a large number of them, and without the developer having to reduce the selling price to gain a quick sale!"


When developers accept a trade deposit rather than reduce their prices they're protecting the current as well as future value of their developments and giving appraisers, lenders and cash buyers comparable sales data, thereby maintaining a higher market price.


This solution provided the developers and investors with a fantastic return on their investment, saving cash on real estate commissions and holding expenses by selling the development much quicker than in the cash-only economy without the huge marketing and sales expenses normally associated with a development of this size.

The Trade Dollars earned through the sale of the units are being used to reduce some of the cash expenses of future developments, saving cash on remodeling, building, landscaping, legal, automotive, websites, and marketing expenses, plus buying materials and new equipment as well as hospitality and entertainment expenses for investors and future clients.









Largest hurdle to purchasing real estate is the down payment!

Even if you have enough cash for the down payment, wouldn't you rather keep it and use trade dollars instead? Members convert their downtime into Trade Dollars, and borrow what they need. Then their borrowed Trade Dollars are re-paid from added sales brought to them by EOA.

For 26 years we've made investing

very affordable and easy!

Call now to learn how

(907) 345-8000

Barter / Cash Blend Benefits

  • Ability to borrow 100% of selling price.

  • In most cases eliminate need to purchase mortgage insurance.

  • Purchase portion of property at your company's wholesale markup discount.

  • Rent / Lease / Sell quicker.

  • When you borrow Trade Dollars, your company makes additional sales.

  • Legally reduce tax obligations.

Who else gives you a real estate loan and then

brings you new customers to repay the loan with!


Residential Listing Requirements:

  • Minimum 20% trade component on the asking price.

  • Asking price supported by either an appraisal by a certified real estate appraiser completed within the last six months or a Market Appraisal completed by a Licensed Real Estate Agent within the last four weeks.

  • If the subject property is being marketed via other agency or media (ie. Real Estate Agency) the asking prices must be identical.

  • Seller must own the property or show permission to market property upon request.



Commercial or Residential Leases:

  • Minimum 25% trade component on the rent for the term of the lease or equitable terms (ie. first year full trade on four year lease).



Vacant Land:

  • Minimum 20% trade component on the asking price.

  • Asking price supported by either an appraisal by a certified real estate appraiser completed within the last six months or a Market Appraisal completed by a Licensed Real Estate Agent within the last four weeks.

  • If the subject property is being marketed via other agency or media (ie. Real Estate Agency) the asking prices must be identical.

  • Seller must own the property or show permission to market property upon request.



Business Listings:

  • Minimum 20% trade component or T20,000 (whichever is larger) on a ‘fair market’ asking price.

  • Full financial information must be available upon request.

Disclaimer "The information on this website is general information only. Accordingly, this information does not take into account your investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs. Before making any investment decision based on the information provided by EOA and/or contained in this website you should talk to a financial adviser, and assess whether the information is appropriate to your particular investment needs, objectives and financial circumstances. Taxation, legal and other matters referred to on this website are of a general nature only and should not be relied upon in place of appropriate professional advice."


What is EOA Real Estate?

EOA Real Estate is a platform provided by EOA Commerce Network (“EOA”) that enables members to lease, buy and sell properties with a trade component included in the sale/purchase/lease price.


What are the benefits of using trade dollars to purchase real estate?

First you need to understand what the true cost to your company to earn a trade dollar. For example: if you are a service company (which SBA says 75% of US businesses are) it costs you an average of 20 cents cash to generate one trade dollar (most service businesses receive cash for all their materials/parts - they only trade their labor.) If you purchase a property for $350,000 with 20% of purchase (minimum percentage) being trade dollars T$70,000 EOA, your actual cash cost for the property is ($70,000 x 20% (your actual cas cost) = $14,000 + $280,000 (cash portion of purchase) = $294,000. Which provides you an instant $56,000 cash equity in the property. There are also direct benefits in utilizing EOA members for improvements and when using EOA's 3% simple interest line-of-credit.


What are the benefits of selling a property through EOA Real Estate?

Property owners selling through EOA often achieve a quicker sale, at the price they want, and the ability to trade for at least 1/2 of their real estate sales commission.


For a property developer in the early stages of a multi-unit development, this can assist with making prey-sales, to get financing, setting a strong benchmark price for further cash sales or, towards the end of a project, the ability to sell any remaining units without discounting the price - and upsetting previous buyers.


For apartment complex owners, renting one or more units at 25% EOA provides a strong incentive for business owners to live there, without discounting, and earned trade dollars can easily be used for property improvements and repairs.


How is EOA Real Estate priced?

All EOA Property listings are posted from information supplied by the seller at the same price as in the cash market with a minimum trade component of 20% and 25% for leases. The asking price listed is only that - an asking price. Negotiations on price, terms and conditions are undertaken between seller and buyer.


Can the down payment be paid in trade dollars?

Yes, up to the amount accepted in trade dollars, which is a minimum of 20%. EOA operates Escrow Accounts enabling us to hold deposits/down payments on behalf of the purchaser/renter, in favor of the seller/landlord and subject to said parties agreement.


What if I don't have enough trade dollars?

EOA members can apply for an increase to their line-of-credit. Members must complete an application form and terms and conditions apply.


What if seller needs cash?

Depending on the situation, trade dollars are normally only used as the down payment with the balance being funded through a financial institution.


Can I pay any of my buying or selling expenses in trade dollars?

Accountants, lawyers, real estate agent fees, appraisers, surveyors, property management fees, pool safety inspections, building and pest inspectors and many other professionals are among the EOA members able to assist you, depending on their availability.


How do I list properties to EOA's network?

Call (907) 345-8000 to be connected to a EOA approved real estate agent.


(907) 345-8000

Thanks for submitting!



We are a twenty-six year old group of hundreds of Alaskan businesses and thousands of cardholders who use EOA to grow our businesses while improving our lifestyles.


EOA member's trades are not one business trading with one other business. but rather hundreds of businesses flawlessly trading with each other simultaneously.

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