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Refer A Friend! Refer EOA's Next New Member!

We appreciate quality business referrals!

Over 1/4 of your fellow traders have come from companies like yourself referring members to EOA Commerce Network. Thank you for your support in growing your barter community. 

$100 Trade Dollars for New Members: EOA tries to grow the trade network through referrals made by it's members. Members who refer a business to EOA, who join, will receive $100 trade dollars for providing contact name and business information of a business you have told of EOA, they are interested, and they are expecting EOA to contact them.

$500 Trade Dollars for retaining Existing Members: EOA tries to grow the trade network mostly through referrals made by its members. And we are especially interested in retaining businesses who are leaving EOA because of an ownership change. Current owners who help persuade new owners to join EOA, which keeps the same business in EOA network will receive $500 trade dollars.

Referrals are paid to members in good standing, provided their referral enters their name in EOA's Membership Agreement as the individual who assisted them the most in deciding to join EOA. Referrals are also paid for business members who have ownership in the referred business. 

Refer a Friend and Increase Your Trade Dollars Value!

Increase your purchasing power and expand your potential customer base by referring your friends and business associates to EOA. Because the EOA trade dollar is backed by the network, its value is directly related to the quantity and quality of the products and services available. Therefore, each new member whom you refer makes your trade dollars more powerful and valuable.

To maintain the value of the network, we appreciate referrals of high quality and reputable businesses. As a thank-you for your referrals, we will give you the above mentioned trade dollars to enjoy for each referral that becomes a member. Your new members will thank you too, as you will be helping them grow and improve their own businesses.

  • Your referrals will provide more buying options

  • Your referrals will provide more potential sales

  • Your referrals will increase the value of your membership, and

  • Your referrals will make happy friends...


So what are you waiting for?

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