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Welcome to EOA Commerce Network

Short Season & Limited Rooms: With only a few months a year, where customers want your room nights, and a limited number of rooms to rent. The challenge is always to quickly maximize occupancy, every night that you’re open. As revenue from your un-booked room nights perishes forever, as each day comes to an end.

Advertising & Marketing: Marketing and advertising has been, and still is the key to attracting a steady stream of guests. Unfortunately this investment is an expense that you can’t afford to neglect. While there are many choices, few are as advantageous as an advertising campaign where you don’t have to worry about the cost. Sure, you may have an ad budget, although perhaps less than in years past. But, what if you could use your otherwise empty room nights, to pay for advertising?

About Us: You can. We are a commercial bartering firm, with 26 years experience in converting perishable, unsold room nights into a barter currency called trade dollars. That you can use to pay for advertising and a host of other services that you are currently purchasing with cash.

We not only supply you with new customers to fill your vacant rooms!

We also provide businesses that will accept your trade dollars as payment!

The Powerful Process of Substitution: If you use trade dollars instead of cash to pay for advertising. Your unused cash simply drops to the bottom line of your P & L Statement, as profit.

Trading does not reduce your cash sales, as you only trade your otherwise empty room nights. There is also no increase to your overhead, such as utilities, rent or payroll. As the trades we will bring you will be only 10 to 15 percent of your current sales volume. And lodging facilities can increase their room night sales to 20 percent without any increase in overhead. So the only real cost when trading a room night is your maid service. So your profit per trade is guaranteed.

The guests we provide are business owners, their families, and key employees. Who will supply major credit cards for security, taxes and incidentals. And if there are any issues, such as damage, your assigned broker will step in and do their best to make things right. We monitor our members and remove the problem makers. We automatically ask every trade guest for reviews on your company, therefore you’ll receive a lot of reviews from those we bring you. 

The benefit of trading for advertising, instead of just using cash, is increased cash flow, the positive impact of advertising, and that you can easily afford to “outspend” all of your competition, and therefore capture more than your fair share of the market.

How It Works: We use your company branded room night vouchers, or certificates so that your staff needs no additional training, and the certificates are easily transferable. EOA purchases your certificates upfront and immediately credits your EOA trade account, in advance of the rooms being used. This gives you the added benefit of spending your excess capacity even before you incur any costs. Sense vouchers are always restricted by how many you sell to EOA, you retain total control of how many trade dollars you earn. EOA then remarkets the room vouchers we receive from you through secondary channels, bringing customers to your hotel that you otherwise would never have. When you think about it, your traded room nights are effective, no cost advertising. 

SELLING example: A 300 room hotel running at 80% occupancy with a $200 average room-night rate, loses $4,380,000 of potential revenue every year from it's 20% vacancy rate.


By bartering just 10% of this available inventory through EOA, the hotel can gain more than $400,000 worth of products and services without displacing any of it's cash customers. And the same potential holds true for every business that is not operating at 100% capacity!

BUYING example: Let's say that you are about to write a check to pay for a purchase. And the selling business stops you and says "Wait a minute, instead of your cash I'm happy to take credit for a future purchase with your company."


Would you say "No, I don't want my markup discount that paying with my products and services gives me, nor do I want another customer" or would you say "sure!" And especially since EOA handles all the paperwork!

Let us help you grow your lodge's profits while improving your lifestyle.

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