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Would you like to get full value

for your excess inventory?

You can...

Do You Have Slow Moving Inventory?

Most retailers always have some excess/slow-moving inventory.


  • Our clients can quickly sell this inventory - at full value.

  • By accepting the EOA card as payment.

  • Then using their EOA card to pay for business expenses!


(Our clients have been doing this for more than 24-years!)



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Savvy Businesses use us to save the value of their Unsold, Perishable Inventories!

Some inventories lose just a little of their value over time, some inventories lose all of their value for a specific time-period, while other perishable inventories lose all of their value for ever.


Examples of time-period perishable inventories are:


  • Empty hotel rooms.

  • Unsold advertising.

  • Not rented cars.

  • Empty tables.

  • Empty theater seats.

Other inventories lose all of their value for ever. An example of this would be:


  • Food beyond it's expiration date.


For all of these inventory types EOA acts as a outsourced (commission only) marketing staff for unsold perishable inventory. This is accomplished by bringing them new customers ready to purchase their inventories - and at their full value!


of the world's

fortune 500 companies

use one or more

of our 750 affiliate

offices every day!

Our clients are able to receive the full retail value of their otherwise unsold reduced or lost inventory value by accepting trade dollars.


Trade dollars are then used to offset their existing budgeted and wish-list purchases.


EOA uses it private, non conflicting distribution channel to sell this inventory at full value. Perishable sales through EOA are new extra sales that would not have occurred and would have been lost.

Besides hundreds of Alaskan clients, 90% of which are located in Anchorage; where are also 750 offices located in the lower-48 that represent more than 1 million businesses where Alaskan members can spend their trade dollars. There

are also 200 offices located outside of the US, whose office's businesses also accept trade dollars.

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