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    Besides hundreds of Alaskan clients, 90% of which are located in Anchorage; where are also 500 offices located in the lower-48 that represent more than 1 million businesses where our clients can spend their credits. And there are 250 offices located outside of the US, whose office's clients also accept EOA trade dollars.
    Licensed by the Federal Government and the IRS as third-party record keepers, along with banks, insurance companies, and stock brokerages. The TEFRA Act along with Accounting Principal Board Opinion #29 and Financial Accounting Standard Board FASB #30, IRS, CPA's regard EOA credits as another legal method of doing business.
    We are a 24 year old group of hundreds of Alaskan businesses and thousands of Alaskan cardholders. We use trade dollars when conducting trade business. For authorizations we use credit card terminals, websites and mobile phones apps. We also do business with 1 million businesses in the lower-48 and with more than 250 thousand businesses located outside of the United States.
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