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is the single biggest

problem for restaurateurs

Here's How You Can

Convert Your Empty Tables

Into what your restaurant needs!


Restaurants Almost Everything they need to succeed!

EOA restaurants, bars, diners, espresso shops and caterers have been trading their empty tables, slow times and un-booked catering jobs for thousands of Alaskan products and services for more than 27-years. Most restaurants depend upon word-of-mouth to grow their customer bases, while our clients simply advertise whenever they want, and as often as they want - as they can easily afford it.


The dining and drinks industries  almost always have the ability to serve more clients then they do. Like hotels, empty tables, slow times and un-booked catering jobs cannot be saved to sell later - when the time is over, so is their value. Consider how much these empty tables and catering jobs cost your company.


Cost of Empty Tables

Twenty empty tables per day at an average retail rate of $35 equals over $4,900 per week or more than $21,000 per month. If EOA could convert just 10-percent of your current lost revenue at your menu pricing (all organized barter transactions are at your regular pricing) this 10-percent increase would in this example equal an additional $25,200 per year in added revenue. Which is what EOA has been doing for 27-years!


We provide our restaurateur clients with new customers to help fill those otherwise empty tables and turn that unused capacity into purchasing power.  And these new customers are usually loyal to your restaurant. They normally by-pass your competition to use you, and they will not jump like Groupon-ers to the next discounted meal your competition makes.


It is Easy

Simply trade your unused catering time slots and empty tables for trade dollar paying customers. EOA handles all the paperwork and you'll make your restaurant a lot more profitable. Our restaurateur clients can also control the amount of trade dollars they receive per month if they want, thereby only acquiring trade dollars for what they plan on spending.

Spending earned trade dollars instead of cash allows you to keep your cash for other uses. ​​EOA clients use trade dollars instead of cash to pay for locally needed products and services.


And remember, every trade dollar you spend leaves a matching cash dollar in your bank account!


When you purchase goods and services through our 24-year old, 650 Alaskan business owner network, your costs are around 35c on the dollar, as you only accept trade dollars when you'd otherwise have an empty table.


Let’s Do the Math  

If your food costs are 35% of your sales, then 35% of each diner’s tab is the wholesale cost of product, and 65% of the tab is a net loss per unoccupied table. EOA allows you to monetize those unused tables and turn them into buying power. Which allows you to negate the loss, by turning vanishing inventory into essential goods and services.


Besides hundreds of Alaskan clients, 90% of which are located in Anchorage; where are also 500 offices located in the lower-48 that represent more than 1 million businesses where Alaskan members can spend their trade dollars. There are also 200 offices located outside of the US, whose office's businesses also accept trade dollars.

EOA And the Competitive Restaurateur

Every year another 46,000 restaurants are opened adding to the existing 889,000. To give you an idea of that number, consider that only 77,000 gas stations exist nationally - which puts almost 12 restaurants for every gas station, nationwide!

In Alaska 85% of the restaurants fail within their first 18 months, while nationally the failure rate reaches 70%. And it's not only the newcomers who must constantly hustle. In today's VOVID-19 competitive business environment, every restaurant owner must do so, continually.

The NRA (National Restaurant Association) sums it up. "There're just too many restaurants casing too few customer dollars."

Restaurants are financially pinched and new customers are increasingly hard to find. Which is why savvy restaurateurs solve this dilemma by embracing trades with EOA's businesses. For they know that empty tables do not generate revenue, waiters and waitresses suffer, and the ambience in an empty restaurant leaves a lot to be desired.

The solution to these problems is solved when new customers (principally EOA members and their referrals fill the empty seats.  Instantly a successful, prosperous restaurant attracts additional customers. All the while a myriad of products and services available through EOA. Which quickly provides the restaurant with many of the necessitates to continue 'quite nicely'. While their nontrading competitors continue to struggle.

The average Alaskan restaurant should see a 15% to 20% increase in cash sales, within 3-months of joining EOA.

EOA customers are extra sales, your overhead is already built in, and remains the same, as a 15 to 20 percent increase in sales will not increase your utilities or employ count. These extra sales, with only food costs, are almost all profit.

Nationally the standard percentage of sales spent by restaurants for advertising varies from 2% - 8%. National franchises know that even good restaurants with a wonderful reputation still need to advertise, because a restaurant is a 'consumer usage business', and consumers react to persuasion, so keeping your restaurant's name before the public is necessary. Which is were EOA comes in.

EOA allows restaurateurs to trade their meals for local media, at an average effective 50% discount.

Typically, a restaurant draws it's clientele from within a 5 to 10 mile radius

However, the way to bring customers from twice that distance is through this proven way of attracting additional sales - EOA - this reason alone is enough to join EOA's 27-year old network.

This 3 1/2-minute video explains why restaurants join EOA.

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