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TAX LOSS METHOD: Let's say a business is told that they need $30,000 more in tax deductions to avoid paying income taxes.


Let's further assume that this business has an incremental cost of 35 percent, meaning that there's a 35c cost for every $1 sale.


Business tells their EOA broker, who lends the business $100,000 trade dollars and has them purchase a piece of property worth $100 thousand cash, for $100,000 trade dollars. The cash repayment cost will only be 35% or $35,000.


If business immediately sales property for $70,000 cash. They will doubled their cash investment while showing a $30,000 loss on their taxes. IRS doesn't care that property was purchased with trade dollars and sold for cash.


  • Taxable Loss =       $30,000

  • Cash Cost =            $35,000

  • Net Income =         $35,000

DONATION METHOD: Let's say say that your company sells hot tubs at a 50% markup. And your CPA tells you that you need $10,000 more in deductions to avoid pay income taxes. You already know that if you donate a $10,000 hot tub to a charity, you can only deduct the costs associated with purchasing and giving the hot tub away, instead of it's market value.


To earn the $10,000 tax deduction you'll need to donate two hot tubs. However your EOA broker has you sell one hot tub for $10,000 trade dollars, which you then donate to the charity.



Tax Savings =  $10,000

Cash Cost =     $10,000



Tax Savings =  $10,000

Cash Cost =     $5,000

PREPAID EXPENSES METHOD: Let's say that your CPA tells you that you need $10,000 in deductions to avoid paying income taxes. If EOA lends you $10,000 trade dollars (at a cost to you of $5,000) to prepay advertising and other business expenses this year for next years usage.


  • Taxable Deduction =           $7,000

  • Cash Repayment Cost =     $5,000

  • Due Income Taxes =           $0.00

EOA income is taxable the same as cash income and EOA expenses are tax-deductible the same as cash expenses. This is not tax advice. EOA is not qualified to provide tax advise, and encourages the reader to contact a tax expert (their services are available on trade) before considering using these examples.

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