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The Automotive Industry what it needs to grow!

Alaskan mechanic and auto body shops have been trading their empty bays for thousands of Alaskan products and services for more than 24-years. Most companies in the automotive industry depend upon word-of-mouth to grow their customer bases, while our clients simply advertise whenever they want.


The automotive industry almost always have some empty bays, and idle staff. And like hotels, unsold time cannot be saved to sell later - when the time is over, so is it's value. Consider how much these empty time slots cost your company.


Five unsold appointments per day at an average retail rate of $300 equals over $9,000 per week or more than $38,000 per month. If EOA converts just 10-percent of this downtime at your full value (all organized barter transactions are at your regular pricing) this 10-percent increase would in this example equal an additional $45,000 per year in added revenue. Which is what EOA will try to do for your company!


We try to provide our clients with new customers to fill those otherwise unsold time and cash for your parts and materials!  And these new customers usually are loyal to your garage. They normally by-pass your competition to use you, and will not jump like Groupon-ers to the next discounted offering your competition makes.


It is easy. Trade your unused time for trade dollars and cash for parts and materials. EOA handles all the paperwork. Billing your services at their usual hourly-rates, makes your garage a lot more profitable. Our clients can also control the amount of trade dollars they receive per month, thereby only acquiring what they plan on using.


Spending earned trade dollars instead of cash allows you to keep your cash for other uses. ​​EOA clients use trade dollars instead of cash to pay for many locally needed products and services, such as:

And remember, every trade dollar you spend leaves a matching cash dollar in your bank account!


When you purchase goods and services through our 24-year old, 650 Alaskan business owner network, your basis is almost zero, as you only book time when it would have otherwise gone unsold!

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