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EOA Commerce Network

A 27-year-old organization made up of 650-Alaskan business owners.

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We offer our group a complete concierge service for Alaskan business owners, their families and employees. Our service allows businesses the ability to trade for what they want within our low competition, quality controlled community. To accomplish this we use skilled brokers and a private currency, called trade dollars.


80 percent of the world's fortune 500 companies

use one or more of our 700 affiliate offices every day!


Clients use Android or iPhone mobile-app membership cards so that:


  • Trades are quick, secure, legal and automatically documented.

  • Trades are no longer one business trading with one other business.


Members can spend trade dollars with any other member, not just with the one who purchased from them.

This 5-minute video explains why 80 percent of the world's fortune-500 companies

use one or more of our 700 world-wide affiliate offices every day!

Most of our clients enjoy...
instant access to all of these powerful tools!

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Members always sell at their regular pricing. No discounting is required...

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