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Business and Personal Travel

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. For a weekend, or for a month. We’ve got you covered. Our 24-year old travel department makes bartering for travel super easy – as we do all the bookings for you. Complete a EOA Travel Request Form and we’ll do the rest.


With our 500-office network in the lower-48 and our 250 foreign offices worldwide, we book hundreds of trips a year for EOA clients.


We offer more than 2,000 accommodation options world-wide with usually the only cash outlay being sales and room taxes. It’s not all business with EOA. Many of our clients travel for business, and as many take their families on vacations, worldwide.


So if you are a small to medium-sized Alaskan business owner who travels for business, or if you're looking to conserve cash while improving your family's lifestyle, call us to learn more.

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