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Reduce you taxes

& Earn 300% ROI

Today, Alaskan real estate provides business owners excellent opportunities to invest their idle time and slow-moving inventories for cash profits. Real estate becomes more valuable over time and provides an excellent inflation hedge and tax shelter. Since Trade Dollars come from selling surplus or from additional new business and have a low incremental cash cost, many investors find that they can be more aggressive in pursuing investments such as real estate.


Because EOA members can earn Trade Dollars without significantly affecting cash flow, investors can buy speculative properties and wait for values to go up. In some cases, it’s even possible to walk away with a pocket full of cash!


REAL ESTATE Profits + Tax Advantages:

Here’s how it works. Let’s say a business has an incremental cost of 20 cents to earn a Trade Dollar (which is our typical service business that only trades it’s labor) .


If above business buys a piece of property for $100,000 trade, their cash cost (for them) in the property is only $20,000. So, if they sell it for $60,000 cash, they'll triple their cash investment while reporting a $40,000 loss on their taxes. The IRS doesn’t care whether you pay for the property in cash or Trade Dollars. The re-portable loss is still the same.


  • $20,000 cash grows to $60,000 cash (300% ROI)

  • Tax loss of $40,000

Property Improvements: Investing Trade Dollars in improvements to a hard asset like real estate is another way to generate cash profits on Trade Dollars, since the investment enhances the cash value of the property. For example, a doctor has paid for the drywalling and painting of his new house, and had a new sidewalk put in, has renovated the garage, and made other improvements, using Trade Dollars for the labor of such improvements. Since the doctor’s cost of a Trade Dollar is only his time, the actual cost of the improvements is negligible, around 20c per Trade Dollar. Which provides an easy 80% increase for his forced appreciation.


Since electricians, re-modelers, plumbers and many other specialized contractors are EOA members, property owners can easily upgrade the cash value their properties. If their real estate is income producing property like rentals, the improvements can generate immediate cash through rent increases.



100% Mortgages: EOA makes mortgages available to qualified buyers of real estate, where the monthly principal and interest is paid in Trade Dollars. You provide your product or service to exchange members and deposit the Trade Dollars into your account. A set amount is deducted from your account each month to cover the mortgage payment. EOA typically takes a private 2nd cash mortgage on property, which if paid on time can be paid in Trade Dollars.

With the minimum trade percentage being 20% for real estate for sale through EOA, members find it very easy to finance the remaining 80% through financial institutions, which in effect provides EOA members "zero down" investing opportunities!

If you are interested in creative trading that turns your idle time and slow-moving inventories into a steady cash-flow, joining EOA may be just the ticket. Then the next time a property comes along that fits your investment needs, you’ll be one of the first to know.


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We are a twenty-three year old group of hundreds of Alaskan businesses and thousands of cardholders who use EOA to grow our businesses while improving our lifestyles.


EOA member's trades are not one business trading with one other business. but rather hundreds of businesses flawlessly trading with each other simultaneously.

EOA is recognized by the Federal Government and the IRS as third-party record keepers, along with banks, insurance companies, and stock brokerages.

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