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For 26-years we have provided

Eagle River Business Owners 

most of the tools they need to succeed, plus




2.  Now use organized Barter to increase your sales by 10 percent...

Should your Eagle River business join our network?

This 5-minute video explains why 80 percent of the world's fortune-500 companies

use one or more of our 700 world-wide affiliate offices every day!


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To acquire more customers, businesses would typically hire additional salespeople, advertise more, reduce their prices, or offer incentives.

By accepting trade dollars as another form of business, you open your business to a whole new market of customers, and in turn, gain a powerful competitive advantage.

These new customers are very motivated buyers. And if they like your service, theyll become very loyal.

EAGLE RIVER SPECIAL:   Only Membership Cost is a small Transaction Fee

Membership Benefits

Contact our Anchorage Trade Exchange office for

a complete list of our Eagle River business and consumer benefits.

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The point of EOA's barter organization isn’t to convince Eagle River businesses to do everything on trade, but for businesses to put their unused capacity TIME or INVENTORY to work for them.


As an EOA client your first goal is easy - allow EOA to increase your sales by just 10 percent. And then to use this increase to grow your Eagle River business and improve your lifestyle.


Increasing businesses sales by 10 percent often provides owners with the additional funds and freedom of time to travel (on trade) to their bucket list destinations.

Grow your business call us today
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Why Should Your Eagle River Business Join EOA?

Our 26-year old B2B Alaskan Business Association's members use organized barter to convert their excess inventory and unused capacity into additional sales

and reduced cash expenditures.

Call: (907) 345-8000




Eagle River restaurants are able to use our very powerful tools for increasing profits. The wise usage of their gift cards and certificates will build profitability, protect balance sheets, and improve cash flow. We will show you how to accomplish this.


Since organized barter sales generally represent add-on business that you would not of otherwise had, the gross profit from these sales usually goes straight to your bottom line. Moreover, And, using barter to maintain higher levels of production can increase margins on non-barter sales as well.


Organized Barter offers a unique solution to the problem of overstocked or stale inventory, and can protect your balance sheet from costly write downs due to deep discounting or liquidation costs and resulting lower sales prices. Eagle River business owners have been using this powerful tool for more than 24-years.


In addition to increasing profitability and protecting against inventory write downs, organized barter can substantially improve your cash flow. The use of barter allows your Eagle River business to substitute trade for at least a portion of your normal cash outlays when purchasing needed goods and services. As a penny saved IS a penny earned.


Eagle River sales fluctuate, demand rises and falls with our seasons, customers occasionally cancel at the last minute. It may be impossible or impractical to cut back staff and production to match. This is where organized barter comes into play. It allows you to trade your excess inventory and unsold time for goods and services that you use in your business, which you are currently paying cash for.    

TRAVEL - worldwide

Eagle River business owners strive to keep inventories to a minimum to avoid high carrying costs and the risks of obsolescence. Organized barter helps businesses operate at their optimum capacity to maximize profit margins and to minimize their lost sales of “perishable” goods and services.


Less than one thousand. We made the wise decision years ago to be insanely valuable to

a small number of businesses, instead of marginally valuable to thousands.

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