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Alaska's Finest "Employee Benefits" Program!

Employees are normally a business' most valuable asset. And our benefits program makes it easier to:

  • Attract

  • Reward

  • Motivate

  • Retain

Today's employee has become even more difficult as more national chains and franchises move into Alaska with their powerful national Employee Benefits programs.

However, our client's who use our private/white labeled Employee Benefits Program have a huge competitive advantage over their competitors.

They are able to provide their staff and their families one of Alaska's finest Employee Benefits Programs without any cost to themselves or to their employees. In fact, not only does this program cost the employer nothing, most of them make money while providing these benefits.


A law firm joins EOA and decides to provide their staff an Employee Benefits Program that pays for half of their employee's purchases made at millions of businesses locally and worldwide.

EOA issues their employee's (law firm branded) Employee Benefits cards. Each card holder is assigned an account broker to assist them in making EOA purchases.

An employee uses their benefits card and spends $100 bowling and dining at EOA's clients businesses. The restaurant and bowling alley are paid in trade dollars from the law firms trade account and $50 cash is then withheld from employee's next paycheck.

Employee received $100 in value at a $50 cost. Employee is very happy and plans on dining out more often, as now dining out as expensive as buying the groceries and cooking at home.

Later they call EOA's free travel department to plan their families next vacation. As using their new Employees Benefits card allows them to book twice what they used to be able to afford.

The law firm is equally happy. They transfered $100 trade dollars into employee's account and received $50 cash. The law firms trade dollar sales are incremental to their cash sales, and therefore only the actual time spend is considered in the costs for trade sales. As their rent, utilities and employee costs do not raise from the 10 percent raise in sales that EOA provides them. Service businesses like them average a 10 - 20 percent cost per trade dollar. So, their cost for employee's $100 purchases was only $20. So the law firm made a $30 profit from employee's one night of spending.

costs employees & employer benefits program in earn income providing the program.helps motivate employees.helps acquire & retain good employees!

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