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Barter Like Fortune-500 Companies Do

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Now it is possible for the smaller company to integrate “organized barter” into their business, exactly like their larger counterparts, and with results that are equally effective.

Barter is an option that seems to gain prominence in times of economic downturn and good barter is nothing short of great! As with anything new, there may be pitfalls to avoid and questions to ask before taking a wrong turn without adequate information.

Because barter has become a $20+ billion industry, projected at more than a million participating business of all sizes, the opportunities for reducing cash expenses while growing one’s business have expanded exponentially, making available almost any product or service that one could imagine.

With EOA, the buyer is not obligated to purchase from the seller and vice versa. Trading occurs between multiple companies so that thousands of products and services are always available. Most of our members turned to us to ensure that their companies have access to multiple opportunities that support their business success without the expense of a lot of cash, and without having to keep track of availabilities or manage thousands of possible trade options.

Fortune-500 companies who have built their own in-house corporate barter departments embrace barter as an essential element of conserving cash, and for good reason – it works.

Some companies even mandate that before any cash purchase is approved, EOA must be quarried for a similar product or service. These savvy companies consider the relationship with us as one of their most valuable resources.

Promoting fiscal responsibility, while offering a means of directly reducing cash expenses, just represents responsible thinking. Most companies use this multi-directional, modern format to monetize unused capacities and excess inventory as a sophisticated tool that increases business efficiencies and revenues, while reducing their costs and preserving cash flow.

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